Animal Companion Care


Do you want a caregiver who truly cares for your animals? Do you want so much more for your animals than the chance to pee and poo? If you are looking for someone who gives that something extra, I go beyond the call of doo-dee. I am experienced, trustworthy and reliable. I am insured and bonded. Good, local references are provided upon request. VISIT SITE HERE Related articles UT College of Vet Medicine's Pet Memorial Day fetes companion animals ( Animal Companions … [Read more...]

Black Land Project

This client wanted a website for the Black Land Project. This what she states about the project: Black/Land gathers and analyzes stories about the relationship between black people, land and place. After it was designed to her liking after two layouts this is what we did. GO TO BLACK LAND PROJECT … [Read more...]

Amy Schalet

Not under my Roof is a book by Amy Schalet and she wanted a website for the launch. After the New York Times article came out we had to scramble to get a site up within two weeks. VISIT SITE Related articles Motherlode: Allowing Teenage Sex in Your House ( More on teenagers and sleep-overs ( Letters: American Attitudes Toward Teenage Sex ( … [Read more...]

Archival Matters, Inc

VISIT WEBSITE HERE Archival Matters Inc is a company located in Amherst MA that supplies museum storage and archival systems. The had a old static site that was built using a website building program that they were paying a lot for and were not able to create custom posts for blogs or integrate social media into their marketing plan. So we sta down with them and went over their products and divided it into manageable categories and gave it a museum style feel. Now their website can grow as they … [Read more...]